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Hair Loss problem solved and growth again

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Friends, Aaj Ka Hamara Topic Hair Growth Se related Hain, Aaj Mein Aapko Bataunga Ki Apne Hair Ki Growth Jaldi Se Kaise Karein and Subscribes My Blogger Pages . 

 Tips for hair growth in Hindi- 
1- Make a massage of scalp from lukewarm oil once you have a hair growth, blood circulation is fine which is extremely important for Hair Growth and healthy hair.  
2- Use of comb on hair 2 to 3 times a day. There is also a wrong effect on combing hair or not combing too much. Hair starts to fall and hair growth stops. 
3- Ghar Se Bahar Jaate Time Apni Protect the hair from the sun like skin. Insert umbrella or wear scarf or cap.
4- Take Vitamin A, B, Aur E Ke, and other essential nutrients. Diet is most effective for hair growth. 
5- Achhi Need Le, this is a sign of good health. If you stay healthy then hair growth will also be good.

Mask for Hair Growth -  

Egg - With the addition of honey and banana in the white part of the egg, hair mask can also be prepared. 
Banana - Apply banana like a mask in hair, this mask also shows magical effect on hair. 
Curry Leaves - Grind curry leaves like a sauce and apply them on the hair. Curry leaves are extremely effective for healthy hair

Tips for preventing hair fall in Hindi -
1. Do not shampoo everyday. Washing the hair twice a week is enough, too, from any mild or herbal shampoo. Hair shampoo is more rowdy than the hair and the necessary Moistcher ends. 2. Save hair with chlorine or salt water. If you swim, wear the cap. This water also makes hair stiff, which can cause breakage problems in the hair. 3. It is true that triming makes the hair healthy, but it increases hair, it is wrong. So do not even trigger more than necessary. From this, only two months of hair fall out of which hair tips appear to be healthy. 4. Never comb the wet hair. This causes the hair to strain on the roots and Hair Follicle is also weak. Which affect hair growth. 

5. Never take stress. If you stay in stress then your hair will never grow  

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